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The Tracy Anne Story

Tracy Anne

Tracy Anne is no longer FOR SALE, BUT,

You could offer to sponsor her. Current costs are rego and mooring fees. Contact Jill or Derek for more details.

Tracy Anne is a 5.8mtr timber fishing trawler and was built at South West Rocks (Lawrence?) in either 1927 or 1960 ish. Probably the latter. Her original motor was an air cooled Lister but now has a 3 cylinder water cooled ford or VM diesel? with a borg warner box and a tractor diff salvaged from a scrap yard by her last owner. She has had an interesting working life which we will endeavour to uncover and update here. Tracy Anne was commercially registered as LFB4. She was a Prawn Fisher with a Lobster and Line licence. She used to fish to the 30 fathom line and also worked in the Kalang and Bellinger, the Wooli, the Hastings and the Macley rivers. At the moment, her bilge pump is used to keep her afloat and as you can see, she has gone down once already. The story goes that she was holed at Coffs Harbour in about 1965 and leaks in exactly the same spot now! We applied for and were unsuccessful with our first grant application to the NSW Maritime Museum of $10.000 to carry out restoration work on her including salvaging or restoring he unknown engine. There is an article in Afloat where the Maritime Museum has restored a large diesel engine recovered from the depths off Sydney after it had lain there for some many years.  The museum has strongly urged us to reapply in the next round of grants.

Tracy Anne is currently registered AGA035C, is currently classed 2D/2E and is licensed to carry 7 persons.

Our aim has always been to get her going again so she can ply the Kalang and Bellinger rivers taking our Sailing Students, Sailability members and other members and friends up and down these 2 rivers to fantastic sailing and picnicing spots that can be found along their banks.

If you would like to help restore Tracy Anne or some of the other boats we have that need a bit of TLC, glue and wood, or you would just like to donate to the cause, please contact the Tracy Anne Restoration coordinators on 0434 084 478 or email us on our email form.

10 Jan 2013

Obviously, Tracy Anne has got bored with sitting in the same place on her mooring for a year and decided to leave home. Fortunately for us she didnt get far being trapped between the Anchors
Wharf restaraunt deck and the wharf on an incoming tide and a stiff north westerly. Once discovered, she was securely tethered to the wharf where her escape plan was discovered. Although swaged securely, there was enough play in one of the shackles to twist a quarter of a turn back and forth several times a day for a year. This ongoing action slowly reamed out the thread in the bolt eye of the shackle and “Hey Presto” she was free. A plan was hatched to temporarily put her on an adjacent unoccopied mooring and unsuccessful attempts were made to contact its owner. While sitting at the river trying to decide the next move, the other moorings owner turned up with his boat to put on the mooring “For a few days”! Great. Plan “C”. A mad dash was made to Coffs Chandlery to buy an assortment of bits and pieces as it was unknown what the situation was below water level at the mooring block itself. The ropes were re spliced and shackles, pins and chain were swaged in  this morning, thanks to Dave, Simon and the rest of the crew, the mooring block was quickly relocated … to be continued

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